Hope is a powerful thing. It’s hope that can lead to the eradication of the extreme poverty faced by people we are serving. With hope on board, we can set goals and then create pathways to reach those goals. Thank you for joining us on our mission of hope.

At Further Hope, our goal is to improve the lives of the disadvantaged children through our projects (Emergency Food Relief, Fighting hunger, and child sponsorship). Our projects address the most urgent problem of these children: hunger. Together with our in-country partner ”Further Hope Umwizero”, We provide emergency food relief in our Good Saviour Centre in Cibitoke by giving meals and social support to children in need. This has an immediate impact on their lives.

We also look at the long-term by tackling food shortages. We teach farmers how to increase their food production and we find ways for the population to gain greater access to the food market. The aim is to increase the availability of fresh, healthy food products for everyone in Burundi.

At Further Hope, the message we share is one of hope and gratitude. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to help people who live in very difficult circumstances and we are grateful that you are reading this. It means you also want to help. Thank you.

Your support is vital to our charity. If you have the time, we would value your services as a volunteer. Also, fundraising events and donations are key to enabling us to carry out our projects. We would welcome your financial support – large or small – it will make a difference to a disadvantaged child in Burundi.

Whether you are in Australia or from another part of the world, contact us at Further Hope today, and help us spread the message of hope.