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Hi everyone,

We hope you’re keeping safe and well during this unusual time.

Luckily, in Australia, we’ve come together as a community to flatten the curve. Queenslanders are well on their way to returning to normal life.

While it’s important to support our own community, there are other communities around the world who are also in need. At Further Hope Australia, we’re dedicated to improving the strength and resilience of communities in which we operate. In Burundi, households are vulnerable to cyclical shocks caused by post-conflict, economic crisis and environmental issues. We run a variety of programmes to help improve everyday life for Burundi’s schoolchildren, workers, business owners and families.

One of our main areas of support is in vocational training and intervention. In partnership with Burundi’s Institut Burandais pour la Formation Professionnelle (IBFP), Further Hope Australia works to provide the best possible education for young people and entrepreneurs in Burundi. Many Burundi-based businesses and schools lack important educational tools. With your help, we can change this.

We are currently seeking donations of used/unwanted computers and other electronic resources to support our education programmes. Donations of all sizes are accepted—even a small donation can go a long way. Schools, offices and other local businesses running in Burundi can benefit greatly from donations of desktop computers, laptops, printers, keyboards, tablets and other electronic devices.

Donation is also a fantastic way to recycle your unused devices and help our environment. Even unusable items can be dismantled and used for parts, or rebuilt into a functional product. Further Hope Australia ensures all donations will be securely data wiped, refurbished and installed with standardised operating systems.

All donations and contributions to Further Hope Australia of $2 or greater are tax-deductible. If you are interested in donating, or have any questions about our programmes, do not hesitate to email our management team at:, or to give us a call on (07) 3416 6587.

Thank you

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