Despite large donations being very important, what happens with the smaller donations?  

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you choose not to donate because you think small donations don’t make a difference?  

If yes, think again because small donations DO make differences to any cause. All donations are useful. 

Many people believe that a donation is only beneficial if you can make large donations to the non-profit organisation. Many people want to make a difference but believe that $5 or $10 is too minimal to be influential.  

However, having non-profit organisations are focused on an increase in donors not the donation amount. While it might be considered defeating to donate only a few dollars when you hear the large donations, the majority of non-profits will tell you that it is the small donation that keeps the organisation afloat. 

Here’s where your money goes the next time you donate.

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Step #1 – Receiving The Money 

Consider this situation: while it is nice for non-profit organisations to receive a significantly large donations, this donation amount is not received overnight.  

 It is likely that the donation is a result of many people’s efforts and before the donor is willing to part with the large amount of money.  In the period before a large donation is funded, the smaller non-profit donations can help in keeping the organisation afloat.  The small donors are the ones to make the difference and keep not-for-profit organisations ticking over.  

Step #2 – The Maintenance Of Donors 

Another point for consideration is that larger donors require a degree of ‘maintenance’.  

Generally, donors of large amounts ask for individual attention with customised reports on how the money is used. The special requests are understandable, but they reduce the time spent on other important projects, particularly since nonprofits have a minimal number of employees.  Small donations do not require as much customised maintenance and reporting or engagement can be automated.  

Financial experts Max Funding note that “5 out of 6 Australians have given to charity, so we’re a nation of givers. With financial stress coming from mortgages or loan repayments it’s easy to think there’s not enough to go around. But even a small amount can make a big difference.”

This allows the staff to focus on more significant elements of the nonprofit’s mission. 

Step #3 – The Significance Of Exposure 

While large donations are beneficial, a larger number of donors can benefit non-profit organisations regardless of the donation amounts.  

The more people who support the non-profit and the organisation’s work, the more people are able to share the nonprofit’s mission. Increasing fundraising and impact growth is often dependent on the level of exposure or number of followers for the non-profit project. The more people available to support the organisation, the greater the amount of exposure it will receive. 

All donations can be beneficial. In fact, donations of $1 can make a difference. It is not the amount of a donation that makes or breaks fundraising campaigns. The focus should be on how many people view the campaign in general.  

Donations are beneficial and obviously required by non-profit organisations, but visibility is as or even more significant. Getting one’s name ‘out there’ can increase the organisation’s ability to help families. 

As can be seen, smaller donations collected on a large basis can have a great influence irrespective of the individual amount.  

Whether the non-profit is a group of students promoting change for families with children dealing with cancer in South Carolina, education for children in Africa or support for organisations that are dear to you, all donations can make a difference. 

Larger donors can also benefit from exposure explains massage therapists Northern Sports

They explain “larger businesses often sponsor fundraising events as it is beneficial for both parties. We’ve seen massage businesses get involved with fundraisers by offering free massages to those who attend. This helps the charity as they get a service for free – who doesn’t love a massage chair station? – while creating a tax deductible result and generating exposure for the business. Win-win.”

This is why you should give donations even if they are small

The majority of non-profit organisation, irrespective of them being small or big, will require as much help as possible.  All small donations add up for nonprofits. It is not the size of the donated amount that matters; what matters is the results from the donation. All amounts contribute to the organisation’s mission. Not only will you be making a difference to the lives of others as a donor, your life can be changed as well.   

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