How can you fundraise for Further Hope?

Thank you for choosing to support Further Hope Australia, your support is so important and greatly appreciated.

To Fundraise for Further Hope Australia, simply follow the steps bellow

Step 1: Decide on what to do

There are many fundraising ideas. You could fundraise for Further Hope by hosting a birth day party, organise a gala diner, or a music event.

Step 2: Check the fundraising laws and legislation in your state. 

You must ensure that your activity complies with the relevant fundraising laws and legislations of your state.

Steps 3: Fundraising Application

Next step is to complete our Fundraising Proposal Form, which can be downloaded here. Once you submit your application it will go through the approvals process at Further Hope Australia. The process usually takes 7 days.

Step 4: Set up your online fundraising page

One of the best ways to share your fundraising event with your friends and family is to set up an online fundraising page at:  and follow the following instructions:

  1. On the page, click on CREATE YOUR CROWDRAISER
  2. Entre your email
  3. Enter your page title
  4. Under causes tab, search for Further Hope Australia
  5. Choose whether you are Individual or Team
  6. Fill CrowdRaiser text
  7. Tick for receiving a report each day with a summary of who has donated through your CrowdRaiser.
  8. Choose the closing date and time.
  9. Choose the target amount

Want to find out more about fundraising opportunities?

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