Further Hope Australia's Diaspora Program

Support and Engage communities of Burundians descent in Humanitarian response and Development in Burundi 

Further Hope Australia’s Diaspora Program

The term diaspora refers to migrants, refugees and their descendants who live outside their country of birth or ancestry yet still maintain emotional and material ties to that country.


Diaspora Projects

Further Hope Australia’s Diaspora  Program facilitates, supports, and enhances the role of Burundian Diasporas as effective agents of humaniterian assistance, recovery and development in Burundi. 


Training, vocational rehabilitation & employment

Program Intervention

  • Project Support : ( Supervising,Reporting, and supporting diaspora-led relief and recovery activities in Burundi)
  • Humanitarian Coordination: (Strengthening diaspora humanitarian response capacity and facilitating enhanced coordination in  Burundi).
  • Capacity Building:(Providing resources, information, technical support and training; facilitating mentoring and peer learning for Family members and assisted people in Burundi)

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