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Cybercafe & Training Centre – Cibitoke, Burundi

The cybercafé and Training Centre initiative aims to provide a variety of training and education opportunities for individuals, families and children living in Cibitoke to contribute towards the transformation and development of Burundi. The Centre will offer a cybercafé, printing and photocopying and qualified teachers who have been educated in English to provide training in computer skills, English language and small business management.

The Centre will also house the office of Further Hope. This will increase awareness of the work of Further Hope and provide a ‘home base’ for project coordination. It will also offer a social and project-related gathering place where members of the Cibitoke community can use for networking and buiding relationships for work, friendship and leisure activities.

Cibitoke is a city located in northwestern Burundi approximately 2 km from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is said that the civil war began here. Cibitoke province has good agricultural production compared to neighbouring provinces. The Further Hope Centre is expected to make a significant contribution to creating a positive future for the community of Cibitoke.


Training will include…

English Language Skills

The need for English language skills has increased since Burundi became a member of the East African Community. Burundi citizens who have some knowledge of English are more likely to gain employment in both the public and private sectors. The Further Hope Centre will help to meet the need for English language skills. English language will be offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Training, vocational rehabilitation & employment
Training, vocational rehabilitation & employment

Computers and software

Courses in the use of computers and computer software will also be offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This will help community members to participate more fully and more confidently in a world that is increasingly ‘online’ – for work, family and social purposes.

Small Business Management Skills

Training in small business management skills will enable solo entrepreneurs and the owners of startups and small businesses in the community to learn about and put in place logical and efficient systems for financial management, marketing, sales and human resources that will support their core business activities. Participants will also be able to network and support each other in their endeavours.

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