At Further Hope, we have a strong range of programs dedicated to fighting hunger and improving farming practices.

Alternative Farming Practices

In partnership with local organisations such as APAE (Association Pour la Promotion de l’ Agriculture et L’ Elevage), Further Hope works with families to create a higher level of agricultural productivity and minimise the risks of failed crops. Some of the initiatives that Further Hope is working on with local communities through the Alternative Farming Practices project include:

  • Giving farmers access to a wide range of different crop seeds, which may be more suitable to the local soils and climate to improve crop yields.
  • Education on pest management to manage pests cost-effectively, enabling a secure source of food for the families in all seasons.
  • Instructions on crop selection, including selecting seeds which have a shorter cycle to harvest or reduced requirements for water or fertilisers.
  • Better training of all family members in best agricultural practices including planting seeds, ploughing fields, watering, harvesting and storing produce. Often our program members have physical limitations due to nutritional deficiencies, but with appropriate training, they can often take on alternative tasks to support the family.
  • Providing efficient tools, including irrigation systems, to increase the productivity of farmers and their farms.
Our teams in Burundi ( Further Hope Umwizero ASBL) are passionate about providing long-term solutions to relieve hunger. By providing both education and practical resources to improve farming outcomes in Burundi, this opportunity is a great way for our organisation to partner with local families to provide meaningful improvements to the overall community.