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Why become a member of Further Hope?

As a member of Further Hope, you will:

  • Help provide programs and services to help disadvantaged children and adults in Australia, Burundi and Kenya.
  • Support us in the practice of our values of excellence, honesty and integrity, inclusiveness and teamwork
  • Add to the choices avalable to disadvantaged families and individuals
  • Contribute to positive outcomes for people at home, at work and in the community


Further Hope membership is not a fund-raising strategy and we do not have membership fees.

Each member undertakes to contribute no more than AU$10 to the property of Further Hope if the company is wound up while they are a member, or within one year of them ceasing to be a member.

Participation & Voting

We value contributions by all our members. If you are unable to attend Annual General or extra ordinary meetings in person, you are entitled to vote on items of business by proxy. Proxy voting assigns your voting rights to either the Chair or to another member ‘proxy’ who is nominated by you and attends a meeting on your behalf.

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