Who we are

Further Hope is an Australian public company registered as a charity and public benevolent institution. It is a development and humanitarian organisation that aims to develop appropriate settings for creating opportunities for disadvantaged people and to restore their hope.

The charity was founded by Jean Pierre Niyibaruta who came to Australia as a refugee. He is so grateful for the support he received as he settled in a new country with an unfamiliar culture that he has made it his business to help others in need and to plant the seeds of love and hope in the community.

Further Hope works in Burundi with its Burundian staff and local development partners to undertake a range of development programs.





Further Hope is entirely managed by its board of Directors and volunteers. Our directors work voluntarily and are responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation. They work to achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Our team

Jean Pierre Niyibaruta

Founder & Executive Chair

James Anderson

Media & Campaign officer

Peres Barinakandi

Board Member

Christine N Mutungi

Board Member

Isabel L Williams

Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator

Theophile Bujeje

Country Director

Joselyne Kamariza

Board Member

Lucy R Whitaker

Fundraising officer


Under the Corporation Act 2001, on 18 December 2015, Further Hope Community Support Ltd was registered as a public company limited by guarantee from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

On 30 April 2016, the company was registered as a public benevolent institution by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012, and endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to access the following tax concessions:

  • Income tax exemption
  • GST concession
  • FBT exemption
  • Endorsement as a deductible gift recipient

On 31 March 2017, Further Hope Community Support was registered as a charity by the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General, under the Queensland Collections Act 1966.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for disadvantaged people, especially children in order to improve their health, well-being and independence.

Our Objectives

The objects for which Further Hope is established are to provide an organisation for the direct relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution or helplessness of such seriousness as would arouse pity or compassion in the community. As a means of achieving this, Further Hope will:

  1. Create opportunities for disadvantaged people to access education (reducing school dropouts due to lack of school fees and accessibility)
  2. Promote health and nutrition within vulnerable communities by providing basic health care, food security, and education to needy people.
  3. Supporting disadvantaged community by designing and delivering programs and activities that aim at creating true belonging and build relationships that matter.

Our Values

Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in all our programs and activities, and we integrate innovation, creativity and a commitment to quality through continuous improvement.

Honest and Integrity: We value and uphold honesty and transparency in all our dealings, in all situations, and with all individuals.

Inclusiveness: We value every person as unique, rejoice in both the commonalities and differences in our communities, and consistently aim to include everyone regardless of gender, race, ability, religion or status.

Teamwork: We consistently provide support to all staff, volunteers, and members of our organisation. We work co-operatively, respect one another’s views, and keep our working environment fun, enjoyable and productive.

How we work

We build trust between people worldwide through transparency and openness as an organisation and in all our dealings

In this spirit, we make our strategies public and we produce a performance report at the end of each financial year.

Our intention is to remain a small charity and to make significant and change lives.

We believe that no single organisation can restore hope to devastated communities and to this end, we partner with local associations, NGOs, individuals and local authorities to achieve our objectives.

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