How A Small Donation Can Go A Long Way

Despite large donations being very important, what happens with the smaller donations?   Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you choose not to donate because you think small donations don’t make a difference?   If yes, think again because small donations...

Further Hope contributes to fight hunger in Burundi with Alternative Farming Practices

At Further Hope, we have a strong range of programs dedicated to fighting hunger and improving farming practices. Alternative Farming Practices In partnership with local organisations such as APAE (Association Pour la Promotion de l' Agriculture et L' Elevage),...

The power of Hope

Hope is a powerful thing. It's hope that can lead to the eradication of the extreme poverty faced by people we are serving. With hope on board, we can set goals and then create pathways to reach those goals. Thank you for joining us on our mission of hope. At Further...

Books & Pens: An important first step

We wish to acknowledge a generous sponsor whose donation has provided school equipment for all the children in our Cibitoke sponsorship program. When a child has their own books and pens they can be more actively involved at school and enjoy it more. Also, they can...


By making a donation to Further Hope, you’ll be helping to fight hunger and change the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children.


Supports and engages communities of Burundians descent in Humanitarian response and Development in Burundi



Everything you buy or donate inspires change on the lives of vulnerable children in Burundi (East Africa).


Donate to Further Hope and help make a difference

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