How A Small Donation Can Go A Long Way

Despite large donations being very important, what happens with the smaller donations?   Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you choose not to donate because you think small donations don’t make a difference?   If yes, think again because small donations...

Further Hope contributes to fight hunger in Burundi with Alternative Farming Practices

At Further Hope, we have a strong range of programs dedicated to fighting hunger and improving farming practices. Alternative Farming Practices In partnership with local organisations such as APAE (Association Pour la Promotion de l' Agriculture et L' Elevage),...

The power of Hope

Hope is a powerful thing. It's hope that can lead to the eradication of the extreme poverty faced by people we are serving. With hope on board, we can set goals and then create pathways to reach those goals. Thank you for joining us on our mission of hope. At Further...

Books & Pens: An important first step

We wish to acknowledge a generous sponsor whose donation has provided school equipment for all the children in our Cibitoke sponsorship program. When a child has their own books and pens they can be more actively involved at school and enjoy it more. Also, they can...


Current Appeal 

Hello! My name is Wilson Ndayizeye

You can call me Wilson, I am a 10 year old boy and currently studying at Karurama Primary School…

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Why Your help is so important and how you can help

Why your help to Fight Hunger is important?

Each year, millions of children around the world under the age of five are dying because of hunger….

Why your Support to help children in Burundi is much needed?

Your support will enable us and our in-country partners to directly help those children with their ongoing needs such as ….

Diaspora Support

The DS program was developed and implemented to provide tailor-made support for Burundian in the diaspora after the Further Hope’s directors realised…

Fundraise for us

Thank you for choosing to support Further Hope Australia, your support is so important and greatly appreciated. To Fundraise for Further Hope Australia, simply …..

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Are you looking to transform the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children?Donate here today!


Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

We are proud to partner with some exceptional businesses that bring our vision for a better future for Burundian residents closer each day.

East African Marketplace

The East African Marketplace is a marketing and advertising agency which offers online services across the East African region. The East African Marketplace is committed to making a difference to African communities and has partnered with Further Hope Australia by donating a percentage of their commission earned through to support Further Hope Australia.

Fresh Food Supermarket

The Fraiche Food Supermarket is an independent Burundian-owned retail supermarket which specialises in buying, transforming and reselling food products in Burundi. The Fresh Food Supermarket is committed to making a positive impact and has partnered with Further Hope to achieve this impact. Through this partnership, The Fresh Food Supermarket has provided hunger relief for Burundians in need, and their surplus food is donated to us to help feed struggling families.

Further Hope Umwizero asbl

In May 2017, a general meeting was held by Further Hope Australia to authorise and announce public support for the establishment of a subsidiary organisation in Burundi, Further Hope Umwizero asbl. The mission of Further Hope Umwizero asbl is to supervise and implement Further Hope’s vision in Burundi. The organisation has been registered by the Burundian Government by the ministerial ordinance No 530/1181 on the 27th August 2018. The working relationships Between Further Hope Australia and Further Hope Umwizero are governed by an understanding signed by both parties.

Institut Burundais Pour la Formation Professionelle 

The Institut Burundaise Pour la Formation Professionelle (IBFI) empowers individuals and organisations to adapt and prosper in the face of change and adversity. Our workforce in Burundi is supported by the IBFI through innovative and industry-led education solutions. To ensure we are best positioned to support those we work with, our portfolio of short courses, certifications and higher education is continuously evolving. Further Hope chose to partner with IBFI to provide the best education possible to young people and entrepreneurs in Burundi.